We have some exciting news…

We are very excited to WELCOME Cheryl McReynolds to our team and to be expanding our services by offering reflexology treatments.

My name is Cheryl McReynolds and I have been a certified Reflexologist since 2017. I ventured on this journey to help people relax and to support their body’s own healing process. Reflexology has many benefits such as reducing headaches, improves circulation, relieves constipation and so much more! 

The theory of reflexology is that all organs, body parts and glands have reflexes on your feet, and when we apply pressure to an area it increases your parasympathetic nervous system, and brings your body back to a state of homeostasis where your body can heal while in the “rest and digest” phase.   

To book a reflexology treatment or for further information, please, call the office 519-753-2959