Sponsor/Donation Requests:

All donations are decided upon at the beginning of each year.

Submissions for donation requests must be in prior to February 28th of each year.  All those selected will be informed via email.  As we receive many requests we are not able to reply to all individually.  If you did not hear back from your request, you are welcome to contact us and inquire.

Please include specifics in your request.  Ambiguous requests are not entertained, without specifics we are not able to accommodate.

a. Company (on letterhead) or state the event at the top of the letter

b. Date of event, must include year.  You may include multiple years if you already have set dates and requests.

c. Specify what you are requiring of us, ie: Gift Certificate, product donation, staff volunteer for massages or speaking engagement or other.

d. Contact person and information

e. Event location with specifics

Looking for sponsorship or donations? Contact Us