ATTN: Grand Erie District School Board

As of Tuesday, November the 15th, GEDSB staff are now under a new benefit insurance company.  In order to maneuver seamlessly, there are hoops that need to be jumped through, only by you!
It is in both of our best interests for you to take the time to make contact, register and activate with your new insurer.  We have streamlined this process for you as it can get extremely convoluted and frustrating!  The paper you have received in the mail outlining what needs to be done is quite incomplete. 
Please contact us for proper guidance and a document that will help you walk through the process.
We have had many clients come through with the understanding that they have completed all aspects of registration, activation and direct billing, only to learn that the claim is denied once they come for their appointment.
Special Note: The large majority of benefit plans run January to December and are not carried over to the following year.  Use your benefits don’t lose them! 
Key Questions to Ask:
1.  What your dollar limit is
2.  What is the maximum dollar amount per visit or if there is one
3.  What time frame they are allotted to; Dec-Jan or July-June…
4.  Do you require a doctors note
5.  If so, how long is the physicians note valid


In order to accommodate each individual need, we offer multiple avenues of treatment and ways to facilitate those treatments. Some are no longer privy to the luxury of visiting us at our Clinic; as a result we offer In-Home treatments. Others have learned the benefits of bringing a team of professionals On-Site to ensure healthy staff at their place of business.

Some clients require or prefer specialized treatments such as; Pregnancy Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Sports Injury Treatments or Kinesio Taping, Hot Stone, Paraffin, Deep Tissue Swedish Massage and many more.

Although each service is geared to a specific target market and/or injury, many clients have discovered enjoyment above and beyond the expected treatments purpose.

vicinity-logo-blackVicinity Rewards Program

As of October 2016, we have implimented the universal points card, Vicinity!

Collect 1 point for every $10 spent.  Point redemption can begin as early as 25 points.  Vicinity enables us to give back to our clients in a way that we have never before been able to offer until now!

How do I get a card?  You can get a card, key card or a phone app by coming into TMC!  It’s literally as simple as giving us your cell phone number.  If you want to recieve the additional perks, such as birthday gifts, you can add your birthdate and any other information at any given time via your computer or with a smart phone!

We are so grateful that you have trusted TMC with your health, it’s absolutely our pleasure to be able to give to our patrons in this new 21st century way!

Where else can I use my card?  You can use your card in many locations in North America!  The same card, same login secure to yo, collecting points with different companies!

What if I forget my card?  It doesn’t matter!  Once you’re in the system, all we need is your phone number and the points will go to you.  The same works for redemption.

Can my family all use the same card?  Unfortunatley not.  One card per person.

Visit or download their app for further information.