Special Note:  

Due to the drastic increase in minimum wage, we are pleased to announce that we will NOT be increasing our Massage Therapy prices!!

We are however obligated to introduce a $2.00 Administration Fee that will be attached to each service fee with the exception of the 60 minute treatment.  Effective November 15th, 2017.





15 Minutes $37.00 $4.81 $41.81
30 Minutes $62.00 $8.06 $70.06
45 Minutes $77.00 $10.01 $87.01
60 Minutes $87.00 $11.31 $98.31
75 Minutes $107.00 $13.91 $120.91
90 Minutes $127.00 $16.51 $143.51
45 In Home $87.00 $11.31 $98.31
60 In Home $97.00 $12.61 $109.61

Corporate Rates 

Corporate Therapy is applicable to businesses seeking to better their corporate climate, increase employee morale, compliment their existing structure and re-energize the office.  By request only.

Sport Team Pricing 

TMC is a strong supporter of all athletics.  If you are part of an established or up and coming sport counsel, please contact us to discuss details.  By request only.

Clientele Rates

Do you have specialized clientele?  Speak with us about uniting to offer them further incentive to Experience Professional Results!  By request only.