1. What is the approximate cost of Massage Therapy?
All Massage Therapists or clinics set their own rate. It is a reflection of the quality of service you are receiving, the education level and qualifications of the Therapist treating you, the quality of the facility, and includes any other privileges the Therapist or facility affords you.

2. Does my Benefit Company cover Massage Therapy?
The majority of benefit companies cover Massage Therapy. Whether it is simply a percentage of the total bill, a certain amount annually, or a dollar amount per treatment depends upon your provider and plan. Please note that benefit companies will not deal directly with health providers. Any inquires regarding your coverage must be made by the benefit holder (whether that is you or your spouse).

3. I’ve been in an automobile accident, will TMC treat me?
Certainly, we would be delighted to!  When booking your massage treatment, please, tell us that you have been in an accident. This allows us to give you all the information that you will need to know.  There will be documents and information that we will need you to provide us with so that we may submit a treatment plan on your behalf.

Please Note: Motor Vehicle Insurance companies do not pay the entire amount of Massage Therapy. This is a common misconception with MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) clients. Please understand that it is illegal for Massage Therapists to change their rates to be different for each client. By law we are obligated to charge the entire fee to each client according to the Massage Therapy Act.
In saying that, each individual claim is different and sometimes there are circumstances where your Insurance Company does cover the full amount.

4. Do I need to get completely undressed for a treatment?
No. All clients dress according to their comfort level. In the case that the Therapist is asked to work over clothing each Therapist will certainly accommodate. Massage Therapy is most effective directly on the skin, however is still effective through a thin layer of clothing. For further inquiries please contact us.

5. Do you offer Gift Certificates?
TMC is happy to offer gift cards for our 30, 45 and 60 minute treatments. TMC gift cards are a great way to offer the gift of health to a colleague, long time client or loved one. As per the province of Ontario’s legislation regarding gift cards/certificates for a specific service, TMC gift cards have a 6 month expiration date.  If you are looking to avoid the expiration date, we would recommend applying money directly to an account – this dollar amount does not expire.